Booby Trap [VRChat]

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Time to lay some traps!

The infamous Booby Trap is now available for everyone to trick, snare, and trap all your friends!

- Booby Trap Features -

  • Trap your friends!
    • Works on Hands, Heads and Feet!
    • Trap will automatically follow anyone who falls for the bait!
    • Can be placed anywhere on the avatar!
  • Automatic timer and reset!
    • Will automatically disable after approx. 30 seconds if left on!
    • If someone teleports or somehow leaves the trap, it auto resets!

- Requirements -

- Install -

Note: This system is compatible with both WD settings, but is set to WDOn by default! Be sure to check the "Tracker Control" layer in your FX to match it to your avatar's current setting!

- Licensing and Terms of use -

  • The copyright of this system belongs to WingmanDraws. (Don't try to claim you made it)
  • The license for this model is for personal use only. Not Commercial!
  • Modifications of this model and system are allowed!
  • The model can be used for monetization on YouTube, Twitch and similar platforms.
  • Redistribution or sale of this model and derivate works is not allowed.
  • This model is not to be uploaded for public use. Custom edits are completely fine so long as significant changes have been made.
  • Have fun!

- Credits -

- Contact -

If you have any other questions, issues, or suggestions feel free to contact me on my discord or via DM's!

Discord (look for models channel!):

Trash Bin Discord

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Booby Trap [VRChat]

9 ratings
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