D20 [VRChat]

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This D20 Dice will truly test your luck with any and all proficiency checks!

- D20 Features -

  • Fully functional D20 Dice Rolling UI
    • Grab dice for a fancy animation and a completely randomized result!
    • UI Buttons are easily interacted with via grabbing!
    • UI shows the results of each roll on the back for the "DM" using it!
    • Dice is only visible from one side!

  • Automatic and Manual DC (Difficulty Class)
    • Completely random DC every time the system is spawned for quick proficiency checks!
    • Easily randomize the DC at any time!
    • Included radial dial for manual DC checks. Really useful for when the bard is INSISTENT on seducing the dragon. . .

  • Automatic DC Checks
    • Automatically determines a success or failure of every roll!
      • Nat 20's and 1's count as "Crits" and automatically Succeed or Fail!
  • Guidance
    • Everyone comes with the Guidance Cantrip!
      • When rolling, adds a randomized 1d4 (+1-4) bonus to each roll, increasing your odds of success!
  • Customizable dice!
    • Textures for the dice are super easy to customize! Even the numbers!

- Requirements -

- Install -

Note: This system is compatible with both WD settings, but is set to WDOff by default! Be sure to check your Animator settings before uploading to avoid odd behavior!

- Licensing and Terms of use -

  • The copyright of this system belongs to WingmanDraws. (Don't try to claim you made it)
  • The license for this model is for personal use only. Not Commercial!
  • Modifications of this model and system are allowed!
  • The model can be used for monetization on YouTube, Twitch and similar platforms.
  • Redistribution or sale of this model and derivate works is not allowed.
  • This model is not to be uploaded for public use. Custom edits are completely fine so long as significant changes have been made.
  • Have fun!

- Credits -

- Contact -

If you have any other questions, issues, or suggestions feel free to contact me on my discord or via DM's!

Discord (look for models channel!):

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D20 Dice System Prefab

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D20 [VRChat]

22 ratings
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